About RM Open Archive

Project and Targets

RM Open Archive is an Open Access scholarly repository, which covers the whole range of medieval studies: social, economic, political and institutional history, as well as cultural, religious and gender representations and practices.
RM Open Archive is open to contributions from all scholars who want to maximize the net benefits for scientific distribution and access: scholarly publications from all historical disciplines (archaeology, philology, palaeography, diplomatics, fine arts, geography, philosophy, literature, law, economics etc.), including historical methodology and didactics, are welcomed.
RM Open Archive mainly distributes published contributions (articles, monographs, conference papers, videoclips, etc.) in digital form, specifying where they were originally published.

RM Open Archive was realised in the frame of the PRIN 2010-2011 project Concepts, Practices and Institutions of a Discipline: Italian Medieval Studies in 19th and 20th Centuries, coordinated by Prof. Roberto Delle Donne at "Federico II" University of Naples.


RM Open Archive is running on Linux and other free, open source software. It is based on the EPrints 3 archive-creating software developed by the University of Southampton.


Any correspondence concerning this specific repository should be sent to delledon@unina.it.

Open Access

RM Open Archive has been established to promote open access to research results. Open access means that publications and research data are freely accessible to all who have access to the internet.
Following the principles of Open Access Initiative, RM Open Archive updates and substitutes the former RM Library section, which was launched in the first months of 2000, and aims to create a digital library about the Middle Age, integrated in the world net of Open Access repositories.

RM Open Archive is OpenAIRE compliant (3.0 OA, funding) and registered in Open DOAR.


Basically, authors have the copyright to their documents, but often they transfer it to the publisher. Nevertheless, authors may wish to archive the post-prints or PDF versions of their works in online open-access repositories. They should ask publishers for it, because many of them allow it. If really necessary, authors should give publishers the exclusive rights for printed products and the competing rights (non-exclusive) for electronic publications. In this way they could publish their papers in RM Open Archive.
In depositing research outputs (articles, monographs, conference papers, videoclips, etc.), authors are required to declare that they have the rights to distribute or reuse text, images, photos, tables and any other content, and that their distribution in Open Access doesn't infringe any rights of third parties, or the principles of protection of moral and economic rights of other authors, of the publisher or of other rights holders.