La cattedrale di Bobbio nel secolo XI: la struttura architettonica

Segagni Malacart, Anna (2015) La cattedrale di Bobbio nel secolo XI: la struttura architettonica. In: La diocesi di Bobbio. Formazione e sviluppi di un’istituzione millenaria. Reti Medievali. E-Book (23). Firenze University Press, Firenze, pp. 315-360. ISBN 978-88-6655-856-9

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The cathedral of Bobbio, which started to be built during the 1130s, is characterized by a vigorous interaction of choices inspired by the Padanian context as well as supranational influences. The development of the longitudinal body, covered in trusses and divided into three parts by a uniform succession of possibly octagonal-sectioned columns, the modulation of the walls and the external wall apparatus, are compliant with Lombard tradition. The apsed transept, which is shorter than the nave, the transversally rectangular crossing bay, and the tripartite sanctuary (probably having three apses originally), illustrate the extension and the graduated construction of the eastward volumes. Such a structure traditionally connected to Cluny II, is attested in the Padanian area in Fruttuaria and San Giusto of Susa, but also in cathedral churches such as that of Acqui. In the crossing bay of the cathedral of Bobbio, the construction of the longitudinal diaphragm with a mullioned window overlooking the transept seemingly echoes influences first from Burgundy (Perrecy-les-Forges), but also from the Loire valley and central France. It thus illustrates the continuation of the Carolingian tradition, anticipating experiences which towards the end of the century were applied according to a different criterion in the completely-vaulted (and therefore structurally-different) body of Capodimonte. The façade between two towers, with a vaulted gallery at level, reveals similarities not only with the Ottonian-Salic context, but also with recently-analysed Catalan, Norman, and Burgundian examples and can be also fitted within the framework of Padanian experimentation in constructing complex and diversified structures during the early western Romanesque period.

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